Bringing you to-die-for recipes from the cookbooks
of our favourite chefs and food writers.

Red Lentil Waffles

Trevor Arsenault, professional home economist

Harvest apple and thyme roasted chicken

Michele McAdoo, professional home economist

Herb stuffed pork loin roast

Bridget Wilson, professional home economist

Saskatoon Cheesecake Swirl

Elaine Silverthron, professional home economist

Heidi’s Spring Asparagus and Sorrel Soup

Derek Dammann and Chris Johns

Wedge Salad

Derek Dammann and Chris Johns

Trout Amandine

Derek Dammann and Chris Johns

Chipotle Butter Oxtail and Potatoes

Matt Basile

Tomato Braised Green Beans

Matt Basile

Lamb ‘n’ Ramen

Matt Basile

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Arrabiata

Matt Basile